After collecting and nomadic lifestyle, agricultural and countryside life, industrial economy and city life, we are entering a new economic age. The cross-industry economy is called as the information economy. So, globality is now considered as the way of life. The first half of the 21st century is characterized by this transformation. In the new era, all organizations will focus on projects, all projects will be considered as R&D, all R&D activities will depend on patents and all barters will be focused on licenses. In the information economy, individuals will specialize in one part of nature; All things which related to human beings will become amateur; everyone will have the knowledge about technology, business, politics and government. Individuals will directly use their rights to govern, to judge, to represent and to protect instead of transferring these rights to another person. Organizations will turn into global networks of innovative, flexible and small units. The information society, which will be formed through the integration of the world economy, will be the one market, one language, one culture, one state, one religion. The Turks have established a state once, have maintained the same state for centuries by changing the regimes and they are the only nation in the world which had lead more than once. The 21st century will be shaped under the Turks' leadership with help of wide spread globally and the experience of being open to all cultures. For the world community, go ahead…




           In 80s 


           Raiders, idealists and revolutionists were young generation of Turkey, who would be the future of the Turkish nation, and this youth were                      conflicted with each other by elites of the country in the framework of the western mission. In eighties, there were revolution of the information            and communication technologies, which have renewed all the production processes. Moreover, statist economy has started to break and world              was in the bipolar diploma. What should we do and how should we do to adapt the new world. We should always improve ourselves by                        starting from the domestic business to global processes without exaggerating diversity. For this reason, we have always interested in R&D and              always collaborated with SME.

           HAS TIP MERKEZİ established the first family medicine center in Turkey. It supported the Ministry of Health in the preparation of the Family              Medicine Law. It established the first health insurance system in Turkey. OYAK SİGORTA A.Ş., has marketed the system throughout Turkey                  and all insurance companies in Turkey have begun to involve this insurance in contracts for the health services.

           HAS HUKUK BÜROSU, HAS BİLGİ İŞLEM After the Icramatik software of Izmir Martı software company, it made the first integrated Law                  Office Automation software in Turkey. For the first time in Turkey, printed documents had been used as printed forms in Ankara Court House.            The UYAP Ulusal Yargi Projesi was inspired by this company.

           ANKA BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLERİ developed the first respiratory devices, which are used during sleep, in Turkey.

           SANTANA DERİ tanned ostrich skins first time in Turkey. They have developed the first herbal tanning process in Turkey.

           MALATYA PAZARI have set standards for sunflower seeds in Turkey. For the first time in the world, they have set the standards for pumpkin s            seeds. They produced the microwave oven for commodity foods to use in industry.

           ÖZÇINARLAR MADENİ YAĞ for the first time, they produced motor oil for motorcycles in Turkey.

           MAKEL ELEKTRİK made smart electricy meter which was first time in Turkey.

           PANAROMA İNŞAAT made PANAVIA project, which was the transformation of the civilian urban areas in Istanbul, in Istinye.

           YETEROĞLU KUYUMCULUK completed projects of Cunda Melina Konakları and Menemen Serboy Evleri.

           COŞKUNLAR PASLANMAZ In Marmaris ın Turunç, enhanced the land for the Illusion project.

           ESESTAŞ İNŞAATYETEROĞLU KUYUMCULUK, MANDIS PIRLANTA, KFS FERMUAR ve MİNYAR GIDA completed project of Cemre                        Yaşam Evleri by collaborating with financier. 

           We have been a supporter of innovation and solidarity for over 30 years and we will keep this mission.

Our Team
Dr. Besim Serdar Çorapçıoğlu, Strategic Consultant

He was born in Ankara in 1960. He graduated from Hacettepe University Medical Faculty. He has studied postgraduate in Information Technology and Business Administration. He worked in HÜTFÖD (Student Association), Yıldızşehir Konut Yapı Kooperatifleri Birliği and USIAD (Businessmen Association) as executive. He established and managed the HAS A.Ş. which was in business about health, software and consulting services for 13 years. He implemented the first family medicine in Turkey. He has launched the first integrated e-law application in Turkey. He worked in the first university-industry collaboration projects management at ITU. In ITU, he made the first sleep device in Turkey. He started franchising in Malatya Pazarı A.Ş. as a CEO. He is currently a strategy consultant.

Ayten Çorapçıoğlu,
Legal Consultant

She was born in 1963 in Akhisar province of Manisa and she is married and mother of 2 children. Between 1983 and 1987, she completed her undergraduate education at the Law School in Ankara University. In addition to her undergraduate education, she has enriched her education by European Union law seminars, seminars about import and export regimes and seminars about law of brand and patent. She has expertise about company law; foundation, merger, transfer and restructure of companies, real estate law, urban transformation projects, cooperatives law, debt management, malpractice cases, administrative law and taxation law. She started her career as a freelance lawyer in Ankara in 1988. She worked as a coordinator in a health institution in Ankara between 1999 and 2001. She worked as a senior lawyer in Ergenç Law Office between 2001 and 2009. Now, she is working at Bilgi Ekonomisi which is established by collaboration of her and Besim Çorapçıoğlu on June 2009. 

İbrahim Ülkü Er,
Representor - Aegean and Mediterrenean Region
Hicran Sezer,
Intelligence Assistant

In the Aegean region, he performs buying and selling of real estate, project development and leasing transactions with customers or for customers.

In 1979, she was born in Sivas. She graduated from Kağıthane High School in 1996. She began her business life at Perpa Trade Center Merpa Office Systems in Sales and Accounting departments. She continued her career at Perpa Trade Center Technical Stuff in same departments. She worked as customer representative in Argon Textile fabric and accessories departments.

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