Abdurrahman ERDÖNMEZ



02.02.1963 - Sanhurfa / Turkey

  • He was born Sanhurfa in 1963. He completed his Primary and Secondary Educations in Izmir. He left Eskisehir Anadolu University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Economics at and started working life in the cosmetics sector in 1986.

  • He has been working in the cosmetics industry for a long time and carried his experience to the automotive chemicals sector. Later, he was general coordinator of Kals:n Group of Companies, Unipar Ltd and Dilek Companies Group, then he founded his own company and sold the products of an English company named Hold Llyod in Turkey.

  • > Apart from these product groups, he realized distribution of various products including kitchen utensils imported from Far East through national and local markets through regional dealers throughout Turkey.

  • In order to transform his work into production-oriented work, he ended his import-based work towards the end of 2009. After long time, he researching and studying recycling technologies and thinking about future share, he decided to invest in this field in China and Canada made interviews with companies that manufacture such facilities.

  • In order to establish an environmentally-sensitive production facility with the latest technology and purpose, it came to a good point in terms of electricity generation by making a partnership with a producer and after this step he applied to the Development Bank of Turkey. The Development Bank assessed the project within the framework of the European Union Environment Fund and credited the project, but the project could not be realized because the loan coverage rates of the Development Bank of Turkey were very high at that time.

  • His negotiations on this facility are still on going.